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This week Matt and Steve talk TVR's Peter Wheeler's Scamander project, round headlights, cruise control and more

Episode 88 of the Autocar podcast My Week In Cars finds our resident car hacks Matt Prior and Steve Cropley talking about the Scamander amphibious car project, the Atwell Wilson motor museum in Wiltshire, friendly car faces, the Great British School Trip, cruise control, the Jaguar D-Type, and more besides, including your correspondence.

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289 15 May 2024

Guys, I look forward to your Podcast every week. 

Roared with laughter at Matts comment about 'socks (or the lack of) and Loafers'

They wear this gear like some sort of uniform....follow each other like sheep. Blue Blazer, white or red chinos of the super skinny variety and Tod or Gucci loafers WITHOUT socks. The Gigolo look I call it!

Its all part of a statement of wealth, and looks out of place in the UK. Probably OK at the Monaco Yacht show!

Your discussion around TVR and in particular the Cerbera, made me chuckle.

Many years ago (late 90's I believe) at the Millbrook proving Ground, the crazy 'Outer Circuit Racers' held an event running the big beasts of Brooklands days around the banked circuit at frightening speed....Stanley Mann et al.

I bumped into, (not literally), your own Andrew Frankel who was attending the event and had driven up in the new Cerbera.

He was busy tring to tape some plastic sheeting where the rear screen had once been....apparently it popped out and smashed on the motorway - hopefully missing any following traffic!